Diverse Markets, Steadfast Approach

Throughout our history we have delivered projects of nearly every size and scope across a myriad of industries. Across this breadth of projects our approach has remained the same: treat every project as if it’s our only one.

Every project we take on is given a consistent and appropriate level of attention from all of our team members to ensure we remain responsive to the owner.

Tri-City JATC

Kasselman Electric Offers Services Across a

Since 1948, our mission has been to bring integrity, ingenuity, and a high level of service to the industry.

We aim to mimic the properties of the cable, wire, and conduit we install – serving as a channel of information and energy on a project while providing connectivity with all project stakeholders.

Owners rely on us for our expertise and contractors consider us a valuable team member focused on the common goal of producing a successful project. No matter if your project is new construction or a renovation, with mission critical or everyday business implications, you can count on our dedicated and experienced team to deliver on your needs.

Pairing the growing dependence on fossil fuels with their finite nature, more and more organizations are turning to sustainable, energy-efficient structures and renewable energy projects. Kasselman Electric is committed to exploring and implementing the most cutting edge technologies from Solar Power to Co-generation Plants.

Every business needs a space to operate from – whether the project is a renovation or new construction, Kasselman Electric has worked with developers and owners of all sizes. No project is too small or too big when you take into account how you want your space to appear to clients and function for your employees.

Let’s face it – there are some things any organization cannot operate without, one being electricity. Being conscientious of this, we have made the design, installation, commissioning, improvement, and maintenance of Electrical infrastructure our forte. We coordinate between the owner, municipalities, and utilities to make sure any new or existing system functions at optimal efficiency.

In this increasingly digital age, every organization must rely on a constant and uninterrupted flow of data both internally and externally. Kasselman Electric has the experience and knowledge to design, install, commission, and maintain new or existing data centers. When working on existing projects we ensure the new system is running parallel to the existing to allow for continued service with minimum interruption.

Kasselman Electric prides itself on its performance of electrical services for both public and private institutions from K-12 to higher education. After all, the education of our youth is the most powerful way in which we can change the world and they deserve the best we have to offer. We work with each institution to adhere to strict deadlines when school is not in session and likewise when working in occupied space as to not deter from the learning process.

Everyone has to have fun, right? We’ve performed electrical services for theaters, museums, banquet halls, sporting venues, and shopping malls. Making your space special for your client’s day or night out is of our utmost concern and we realize even the most minor detail can have a lasting impression and will keep them coming back.

From hospitals to medical offices, we realize there are rigorous dependability and quality conditions accompanying any healthcare facility. For many healthcare facilities the failure of their power system is simply not an option, we have worked with countless facilities in designing and installing uninterruptible power systems for when adversity strikes. We also appreciate the hygienic obligation of healthcare facilities and work with the owner to provide the level of service they know us by and trust us for.

Dormitories, apartment complexes, and senior living facilities all require a consistent and steadfast approach, which Kasselman Electric embodies. Given the repetitive nature yet ever discrete differences of each space in such a residence it is important that each unit receives equal attention. We work not only with our suppliers but also with the other trades to make sure projects are delivered on time and to the liking of the owner.

Infrastructure needs to be constructed efficiently and intelligently to lengthen it’s useful life. Our design-build experience and expertise in LEED certified projects allows our clients the peace of mind that our projects will be cutting edge, even after years of use.

When the assembly line goes down so too does the revenue and efficiency of the business. We work with our clients to make sure their day-to-day operations can continually function. Have a new tool or piece of equipment you’re introducing to your manufacturing process? We specialize in the design and installation of electrical service to tie your new piece of equipment into your existing sequence.

Nothing sets the mood in a retail environment like the right combination of a beautifully-lit space with a functioning display to showcase a product. We’ve worked with countless national retailers on everything from service calls to new store construction, making sure each location provides for a seamless brand perception.

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