Our Lady of Mercy Health Center

Electrical Distribution and Generator Upgrades

Job Summary

Our Lady of Mercy Life Center nursing home is located in Guilderland, New York and operated by St. Peter’s Health Partners. Our Lady of Mercy Life Center is recognized by New York State’s Island Peer Review Organization (IPRO), the NYS Department of Health Best Practices Programs, and the HANYS Pinnacle Awards Publication.

However, when the facility was first constructed the emergency generator was only designed to power minimal emergency loads. St. Peter’s Health Partners determined that this was unacceptable and decided Kasselman Electric was the most suitable contractor to upgrade the emergency power. Adding to the complexity of the project, St. Peter’s Health Partners needed Kasselman Electric to perform the upgrades while the facility is fully operational and while an HVAC upgrades project is underway in the same location.

Kasselman Electric first retrofitted the existing generator to allow it to generate twice the power it was previously producing. Kasselman Electric then furnished and installed two 400 Amp 480 Volt automatic transfer switches, rewired transformers, retrofitted the main switchgear to accept two 400 Amp reverse fed circuit breakers, as well as excavated the existing feeders and replaced them. The commissioning of the new system went without issue.

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St. Peter’s Health Partners

Guilderland, New York

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Tri-City JATC

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