Siena Morrell Science Center/Roger Bacon Hall

Electrical Construction, Fire Alarm and Detection Installations, Lighting Fixtures Installations

Job Summary

Completed in 2001, the Morrell Science Center is one of the newest buildings on campus. The Chemistry department is housed on the second floor. The Biology department is located on the first and ground floors. Morrell is linked to the adjacent Roger Bacon Hall via two enclosed walkways, one of the first floor and another on the second.

Down the hall a few steps from the general biology labs is the recitation room. This multipurpose space is equipped with a computer projection system. It serves as a satellite facility for teaching labs students may use the computers to analyze data, work on group projects, or perform computer simulations/web-searches under direction of faculty. It also is used for meetings and some small classes.

Kasselman Electric constructed work in both buildings. Our work consisted of electrical installations of wiring devices, fire alarm and detection, mechanical equipment, disconnect switches, lighting fixtures, data center, and telecommunications cabling.

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Franciscan Friary

Loudonville, NY

Electrical Construction, Project Management

Tri-City JATC

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